Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Part 4 of the movie..

Movie watched in Design theory 31st of January 2011
War time, was about creating shapes. It was a brutal design contest.
Innovation vs. industrial muscle.
History of humans that kill each other, the Nazis was the “best”. Even though the Germans didn’t have a “good” design reputation, they get to be the best.
AEG had their landmark project which was a water kettle.
Wolsburg, Germany
No other product was as simple to use as the Volkswagen Beetle, the Beetle come in 1936, the designer was Vernernon. The first prototype was basic, practical space for the passenger and the driver. Timeless design and quality was a part of making it the most successful car.
The Nazis wanted to look like they were going to over win the enemy.
In 1949 the Britans had been kicked out by Europe, they were in a need for machine gun. It was then the Slen Gun came, 1940. It was cheep to make and simple flat pack machine gun. It cost 200 pounds and 2 shillings to make.
In 1941 the Triang Toys owner redesigned the Stun gun from 69 parts to 48.

They also came up with the mosquito, which was a plane made of plywood. They did build 7000 of them and for that they ended the war with the least loss.
The secret army of Britain was: toy designers and furniture designer. They hold the war.
In 1941 “Tiger Tank 131” was made by the Germans, the completions held by Hitler. It was a big success. It was a luxury item and a powerful vehicle. They made around 3000 of them.
The Russians made in 1939 “T34”, and that was quantity; 3000 was made.
Americans joined the war; their goal was to finish one aircraft every hour. They had to mass produce ships to keep up with the losses. One of them was the “Liberty”
1945 they started to look at new ways to make furniture, it was then the lounge chair of wood came. The chair was a 3 dimensional curve. They made leg splints and chair of aircraft material (wood). The chair of the century was born into mass production.

Part 3 of the movie..

Movie watced in Design theory friday 17th 2010
The most global furniture company started in 1955. The first furniture they produced was “Løvet table” the companies name is IKEA. They had a focus on functional design.
A time after the computer came, it was an Apple product and they named it Macintosh. The first computer was big and only a special kind of people had the opportunity to use them.
Many people could not even imagine to use the computer for something else than putting tape in and get numbers out.
The first mouse designed for the computer was made in 1963 and it was made of timber.
Bill Atkinson, Apple; The principals for the design is to be all, but invisible.
Perhaps design has come too far?
Digital devices are shrinking the world, we have transfer the natural into a design world full of stuff. Has it come to an end?
Then we have sustainable design, Recycled may mean that it is down cycled which means it has lost quality.
Think Chair was the first furniture that was a reused chair.