Thursday, December 9, 2010

3d Max renders


Here are some renders I have done for my project, they are only to show the process that will be after I'm done with them. This is the existing building I'm using for my Bachelor project which are to be handed in this summer.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Design for living - part 2 of the movie

Watched in Design Theory class, Monday 29th of November
1920 are the so called machine age and a question is; is the kitchen the heart or food production? Bauhaus started and it was an art school in Germany. It was a center of new thinking, were all worked together and it was no separation between students. They designed quality product, some was better to look at, Bauhaus was a minimalistic and revolutionary which Art Nouveau wasn’t. They were all about heavy decoration and ornaments. Bauhaus saw Art Nouveau as their enemy.
The Frankfurt kitchen was designed in this period and it was meant to be efficient. The designer did not like it in the kitchen in general and maybe that’s why people found the kitchen very cold.
Around the 1930’s in Stuttgart Le Corbusier designed his new idea of social housing in Wiessenhof. It turned out to be a large cubic box on the hill; his idea was to make a fitted house were a modern family would fit in. The apartments were inspired by the train which was the modern traffic machine at that point. The living room becomes bedrooms by shutting one of the built in doors.
1932 the Bauhaus closes down.
In 1932 Le Corbusier went over to New York, USA and he expected a big fan group at the airport to welcome him and his ideas, but America had already chosen it’s way to go. In Europe they tried to be too simple in the design and had a manifesto on how people should live. America actually looked at what the people wanted.
In this part we learned about the difference between an architect and a designer. An architect’s work takes longer time to see and it has a heavy cost and the designer work response quicker, one thing they have in common is that they both need to communicate close with the client.

The geneuis of Design - "ghosts in the machine"

A movie we watched in Design Theory class, Friday 26th of November.
The question is: What does it mean to be a designer?
It was a movie about designers and how they see the world history in design point of view, it tooks us through the history of designers from the 18th century and up until today. From the start it was about man-made products and our generation is more about machine- and mass production. It comes from that designers look after something that could be a better design, and solve problems with old designs. They are thinking new and innovative, and are caught up with global warming, consumerism and capitalism. And the need of a lifecycle in their product has a big influence in their design.
We met some designers in the movie and one of them was Dieter Rams, he had an exhibition in Tokyo were his lifetime work was shown.  He meant that good design is useful design and that designer not only is inventors, but also engineers and artists. The other designer we met was William Morris who was a pattern designer; he was the first designer who invented a machine to produce fabric. One of his thoughts was that a machine would make it a better life for the people.
We got an insight in how the American way to design was, in terms of that they talked about Ford Motor Company and how the first car Model T was designed. It all started with one type of shape, material. You could get whatever color you wanted as long it was black. Later on they started to use different shape, color and material when they found that no one come back to buy a new car.
A question is that was it better before when it was man-made or today’s machines. The truth is that new ideas come every day, and the world needs new things to approve the old ones.

A project in CAD lab

I'll post a render we did in the CAD lab a few weeks ago.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

This week it's all about design principals and elements

Creativity is nothing more than following a systimatic process, allowing random connections to take place, and using your intition to develop uniqe solutions. To explain this further I will show you some picture of the design principals and elements.

                                                             Balance and  negative space

                                                                Porportion and colour

 Rhythm and shape

Emphasis, texture and value

                                                            Unity and line (dircetion)

Thursday, October 28, 2010


My ideology for the mini project was to make young teenages with a difficult background feel like they can start over. Therfore did I create a space where order and fun is central. The fun spaces had a curved line shape and was open for different activities like TV or read a book. The order rooms had straight lines like invisible ruls, these was in the bedrooms and kitchen.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Last years final degree project

Here you see my final degree project 3rd year.
My concept was Maple Leaf and the brief was
office. The building is the post office in Rathmines, Dublin

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My mini project is done

This is my first blog and here I will update you with my projects. Our first project this year was miniproject.

We were given the assignment to design 4 small apartments to 1 bigger one. In my project I decided that there is four troubled teenagers and one supervisor who lives in this apartment.

 Here you can see my result of this assignment.