Thursday, December 2, 2010

Design for living - part 2 of the movie

Watched in Design Theory class, Monday 29th of November
1920 are the so called machine age and a question is; is the kitchen the heart or food production? Bauhaus started and it was an art school in Germany. It was a center of new thinking, were all worked together and it was no separation between students. They designed quality product, some was better to look at, Bauhaus was a minimalistic and revolutionary which Art Nouveau wasn’t. They were all about heavy decoration and ornaments. Bauhaus saw Art Nouveau as their enemy.
The Frankfurt kitchen was designed in this period and it was meant to be efficient. The designer did not like it in the kitchen in general and maybe that’s why people found the kitchen very cold.
Around the 1930’s in Stuttgart Le Corbusier designed his new idea of social housing in Wiessenhof. It turned out to be a large cubic box on the hill; his idea was to make a fitted house were a modern family would fit in. The apartments were inspired by the train which was the modern traffic machine at that point. The living room becomes bedrooms by shutting one of the built in doors.
1932 the Bauhaus closes down.
In 1932 Le Corbusier went over to New York, USA and he expected a big fan group at the airport to welcome him and his ideas, but America had already chosen it’s way to go. In Europe they tried to be too simple in the design and had a manifesto on how people should live. America actually looked at what the people wanted.
In this part we learned about the difference between an architect and a designer. An architect’s work takes longer time to see and it has a heavy cost and the designer work response quicker, one thing they have in common is that they both need to communicate close with the client.

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